Harvey Hudley and Jeff Young prepare for a weekend at the fairgrounds for the Family Motor Coach Association Convention.

They're two different men with one same passion for travel. 

"We've been traveling for about 43 years now," Hudley said, talking abut his years on the road with his wife, Yvonne. 

"I've been traveling since '92, when I was still working full-time,"  Young said. 

The Hudleys have traveled to all 48 of the lower United States, and all of the provinces in Canada. 

Yvonne says it's hard to pick a favorite place. 

"I don't know whether Vancouver or Victoria Island are my favorite, or Bar Harbor, Maine." 

The Hundleys travel 5 to 7 months out of the year, but Young and his wife, call the motor coach home. 

"We both retired, both sold the house, and took off to California," Young said. 

They're making memories with their families, one mile at a time. 

"We started out in a 21-foot Mini Winnie with a cat, a dog, and 3 teenagers. When we were younger, that was fine. Now, I don't think we could handle it," Hundley laughed. 

The Hundleys will head back home to Myrtle Beach next, while the Youngs are off to Florida.