Peaches are a symbol of Georgia, but co-owner of Dickey Farms, Lee Dickey, says the iconic crop has struggled the last two years.  

"In 2017 we had one of the worst years on record. We had about 20% of a total crop of peaches and then last year was a pretty short year as well, it was about 50% of a crop."

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Now, for the 2019 season, peaches are coming back with a punch. 

"We had good cold weather through the winter, the peaches got the chill that they needed, and the late crop of peaches just has a lot of volume," Dickey said.

Dickey says he thinks this years crop will be about 75-80% full.

It takes about 300-400 pounds of peaches to make the peach ice cream at Dickey farms, and with an abundant peach crop there will be plenty of it to go around.

"You can assume that over half of the ice cream is made up purely of peaches," Dickey said. 

Not only is there going to be lots of ice cream churning, but there will be enough peaches to last through the summer months.

"We will have enough to keep in the market to run through the end of August," Dickey said.

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Right now, the main peach that consumers can buy on shelves is the Ruby variety.