REYNOLDS, Ga. — For some, Reynolds is called the "sweetest spot in Georgia." Every April, it's home to the Georgia Strawberry Festival that brings out over 10,000 people every year.

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Anna McGough with the Georgia Strawberry Festival says there will be plenty of activities for people young and old. "We've got art craft shows, boutique show, we've got a fire truck pull, we've got a wiener dog race that everyone can come out and enjoy and be a part of."

There will also be a strawberry pie-eating contest and some new additions to the parade.

Best of all, you'll be able to pick your own strawberries, thanks to patch operator Tyler Wainwright and his colleagues.

"So when you get here, you can get an empty bucket and we'll kind of guide you to which area of the field has the most berries or the most ripe berries. That way, it'll be much easier picking, and then it's up to you how much you put in your bucket," says Wainwright. 

Before you can start picking, Wainwright says there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

"The rules here are, 'Don't pick when you're sick,' and 'No pets allowed in the patch,' 'No stepping over the rows,' but other than that, if you like a berry, feel free to pick it."

With over 100,000 strawberry plants to pick from on the five acres of land, there's one kind that grows best in Central Georgia.

"There's several different types of strawberries, these are all Camarosas, because they're the prettiest and they seem to grow the best in these weather conditions."

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Whether you're looking to play games or pick strawberries, you can do so for free during the festival.

It will be held on Saturday, April 27. For a full list of events, visit their Facebook page.