The Heart of Georgia Barbershop Chorus harmonizes to get ready for singing valentines, a tradition that's decades in the making.

"We've been doing singing Valentines for almost 40 years," Don Shall, one of the singers, said.

Shall says this tradition scores well with the ladies.

"We've had a number of guys whisper in our ears when we're done and say, 'Thank you for giving me points today.'"

It also takes people down memory lane.

"It touches our heart when we sing, this person will hear a song that they remember from when they were a kid, and they'll start singing with us," Shall explained.

They're singing songs that have a bigger purpose than notes on a page.

"A few years ago we decided to switch over to Heart of Georgia Hospice, and we've been working with them for a number of years," Shall explained.

But where the number really counts came in an early Valentine's Day surprise: a check for $842 from the chorus to Central Georgia Hospice.

Human Resources Manager at the Hospice Sherry Robinson was so thankful, and says the chorus is a perfect match for their organization.

"We see it as a really sweet thing from the heart, 'Straight from the Heart!'"

To order a singing Valentine from the chorus, call them at 478-345-7464 .