Growing up, you may have read classics like Goodnight Moon or The Cat in the Hat. 

The pictures probably captivated you.

Junior Journalist Elinor Mullis met up with an illustrator who loves to put her own spin on the pages and transport her readers into another world.

Casie Trace says she's been doing art for as long as she can remember.

She remembers art being an escape and bringing her inner peace.

"Kinda helped me with anxiety, especially in middle school, and then I just kept doing it, and I feel like it brings people together," Trace says.

She says sometimes art can be overlooked, but it can be a huge character builder for some students.

"I think it just really helps kids to explore and figure out how to communicate and how to express themselves," Trace says.

Now, she's hoping to inspire kids through her illustrations in children's books.

"This one is about girls -- if you want to be a princess, that's fine, but there are all these other professions you can pursue if you want," she says about one of her books.

About her most recent work, Trace says, "Those books are about a baby 'liraffe,' which is half lion and half giraffe, and he goes on adventures through Africa."

She's done artwork for six books now, each taking four months to a year to complete.

"It's a lot of work, so after all that time and effort you put into it and you hold it, it's just like, 'Uh, it's so awesome to see it in print,'" Trace says.

Trace is not just an illustrator -- she's also an art teacher.

She gave this advice to anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps.

"I would say get a sketchbook and draw every day and don't throw them away, keep them, so I've kept all my sketchbooks since I was a little kid and you can see your progression and how much you've grown," she says.

One day, you may be able to make your dreams come alive!

Trace says she will be moving to Shanghai, China to teach high school art.