The Mercer Bears Cheer and Dance teams gear up for what they hope will be a slam dunk of a day this Saturday.

On Saturday, February 3rd, "Cheer and Dance for a Day" will kick off, allowing some new faces to join the teams on the court.

"Girls ages 5 to 14 come and hang out with us for the day," cheerleader Hannah Shultz explained.

These girls will learn the whole song and dance.

"To be able to hang out with a college cheerleader or dancer and spend that day learning what it's like to get ready, get excited, go through the tunnel, get out on the court, it's something they all get really excited to do," Dance team member Jenny Mazurkiewicz said.

For Shultz, though, seeing the kids excitement means much more.

"I'm a Holistic Child major, which is elementary and special education, so I would say that I definitely benefit from spending this day with the younger students," Shultz said.

It's a day that starts very bright and early

"We get here about 9 and we just hit the ground running, and come game time, they're ready to take a nap," Mazurkiewicz continued, "But they go home so excited and so thrilled. They're like, 'Mom, when can I come back?'"

Saturday will be that day. Young girls will flood Hawkins Arena where they'll hang out and yell out, hoping the Bears take home a win.