This week, we headed out to Huntington Middle School to surprise this week's teacher for My Teacher is Tops!

Junior Journalist Alivia Blanton introduces us to this week's winner, Amy Summers.

Summers has a love for teaching English and sharing her passion for reading.

She used to be a producer at 13WMAZ and never thought she would be on the other end receiving this award.

"I think I might cry," Summers says.

Kelmarie Horne nominated Mrs. Summers because she makes him believe in himself.

"She pushes me. She loves me, and even though she gets on me, I still love her like she's my mom and she treats me like I'm her kid," Horne says.

Other students said they felt the same way. Trey Thompson says Mrs. Summers pushes him to strive for greatness.

"She will push us to do hard work. Just like earlier she was saying that we could get an 'A' if we try our best," Thompson says.

Making sure they get the best grades possible, William Reynolds favorite memory is laughing with her over an essay he wrote.

"It was about this time I was riding my bike and my tire busted so I fell off my bike," Reynolds laughs.

And her students say moments like these make every day one for the books.

Mrs. Summers says knowing how much her students love her gives her a feeling that is indescribable.

"It makes my heart feel really fuzzy. I guess that's the best way to describe it, and it makes me feel like I'm working hard for a reason, and that reason is the kids," Summers says.

Remember if you want to nominate your teacher for My Teacher is Tops, send us a one-page hand-written letter to 1314 Gray Hwy. Remember, neatness counts!