This week, we drove out to Wilcox County Elementary School for a double edition of My Teacher is Tops.

Harley Davis wrote in about two of her third-grade teachers -- Anna Owens and Salina Stowe.

Owens has been teaching for eight years, all at Wilcox County. She teaches science, social studies, and math.

She says her favorite part about teaching is getting to see her students every day and pass on her passion.

"I have a passion for math, and I love watching them getting a passion for math by being in class and learning with me," said Owens.

Here is part of why Harley Davis thinks Owens is tops:

"Ms. Anna Owens is tops, Ms. Anna is very kind because in the morning she welcomes us and she helps us with our work. Also, she buys supplies for the kids who needs them."

Next, we went down the hall to surprise Salina Stowe.

Stowe teaches third grade English/Language Arts, and has been teaching for 19 years. 

Stowe says her favorite part about teaching is building relationships with her students.

"Watching their love for learning grow is just incredible," Stowe said.

Harley wrote a letter for Mrs. Stowe as well. Here is part of why she think she is tops:

"My English/Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Stowe is tops. She is a lot of fun in lots of ways. She lets us do fun activities like making a paper reindeer and writing stories about it," Davis said. 

Congratulations to both teachers! 

We'd also like to thank all of you for your letter submissions this year. We are no longer taking any more letters for the summer. We look forward to more letters this fall when school is back in session.


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