This week's top teacher has been teaching for several years, but it's her first year at the academy for Classical education or ACE. 

Junior journalist Alivia Blanton takes us inside Ms. Lilley's classroom. Third grade ACE teacher Haley Lilley was nominated for the award by her student Raines Murphy.

"Ms. Lilley makes school so exciting you cant help not to learn," Murphy said. 

But his favorite part of the day is science because of the fun experiments Ms. Lilley lets them do. 

"Sometimes after we do the experiments we get to eat them," Murphy said. 

Like when they were covering soil. 

"The M&M's were the bedrock, and the graham crackers were the subsoil," Murphy said. 

But Eliza Fischer says its not all fun and games in Ms. Lilley's class. She makes sure that everyone's learning. 

"She breaks it down into little pieces so that we can understand it better," Fischer said. 

But Ms. Lilley said her students make teaching easy.

The things that they come up with  the way that there brains work is so unique and special that it really adds a different element to learning," Lilley said. 

She said she'll always remember this class. 

"They're just a really great group of kids, they're really special to my heart," Lilley said. 

And her students said she makes coming to class each day memorable. 
"Ms. Lilley is very silly," Fischer said. 

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