This week, My Teacher is Tops took us to Quail Run Elementary to surprise Mrs.Jennifer Byrd.

Mrs. Byrd teaches second grade at Quail Run, and was so surprised when we walked into her classroom.

This is her first year teaching at the school and she says it has, by far, been her favorite to teach at.

Byrd could not speak more highly of her students.

"I've done this a long time, but there's nothing like having students are ready to learn and come in with great attitudes, " Byrd said.

Her classroom was beautifully decorated and super colorful, which only shows her teaching style.

"Even when we are learning hard things, we still want to make time for the fun things," Byrd said.

Her colorful personality truly made an impact on one of her students, Audrey Byrd, who wrote this about her wonderful teacher:

"My teacher, Mrs.Byrd, has the biggest heart. When I moved from England, I started school 4 weeks late, " Crow continued, "Mrs. Byrd made me feel welcome and make sure I understood what my class was learning."

Crow also said her favorite part of class is when Mrs.Byrd reads books, since Byrd does different voices for the different characters.

Congratulations to Mrs.Jennifer Byrd!

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