This week, we went out to Bleckley County Primary School to surprise Mrs.Rebecca Davidson.

Davidson was so surprised to be this week's winner!

Davidson teaches first grade at BCPS and has been teaching there for four years.

She says her students are what make her job so wonderful.

"They make it so much fun, every day is new and exciting," Davidson said.

Mari Cate Stewart wrote in about her teacher.

"My teacher makes learning really fun. She uses silly sayings in her classroom, she will say 'Holy moly,' and we will say 'Guacamole,'" Stewart said.

Stewart also says that her teacher always strives to teach her kids as much as possible.

"Mrs. Davidson really cares about making her students smart. She always give us work that is fun and creative."

Congratulations to Mrs.Davidson on being this week's top teacher!

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