EASTMAN, Ga. — Music teacher Selena Woodard has got her students in the rhythm at South Dodge Elementary School, and it shows. 

Woodard was nominated as this week's My Teacher Is Tops winner by fifth-grader Abbey-Kate Bradham.

"She supports us, loves us, and when we are hurt, she treats us like we're her own children," Bradham said of her favorite teacher. "She does so much for us."

Woodard has been a teacher for 29 years and taught music for 7. She's been at South Dodge for almost 26 years. 

Throughout her teaching career, Woodard says her favorite part of the job is being with her students.

"I know people say they love teaching, but I really love the kids," says Woodard. "I get along better with kids than adults, and I think that's because I'm more of a kid than an adult."

Woodard is also responsible for the school's Christmas play and Rocking Rhythm Band, which gives students a creative outlet.

"It's a great opportunity for kids to develop their singing skills and their play-acting," says Woodard. "It's great for them to get their start because I've seen kids go on and continue that."

Overall, what makes Mrs. Woodard's time at South Dodge special is the relationships she has with her students.

"My favorite part is the hugs and the 'Good mornings' and just knowing that the kids love to come to school," says Woodard. "When they see me they smile. That's really my favorite part."

In addition to being a top teacher, Woodard is also South Dodge's Teacher of the Year.

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