Santa is preparing to checking his list twice to see who's naughty or nice enough to receive their favorite toys.

Junior Journalist Genesis Griffin checked out toy stores around Macon to see what's been flying off the shelves.

Looking around the toy store, you never know what might catch your child's eye, and owner of Father Goose International Toys Hal Branstetter is always looking for the next big thing.

"It's a gamble, you know. It's like playing cards -- sometimes you have to buy quite a few and hope, by the end of the year, you sell most everything that you buy," he says.

From Cupcake Surprise dolls to Whirly Squigz, these toys are flying off the shelves.

"I ran through my plan to sell all of this through Christmas, and I've already put in a second order and it's already here," Branstetter says.

Branstetter says the toy that cannot stay on the wall is Stick Ball, and it only costs $25.

But over at Williams Fun Smart Toys, their big seller is a putty called Mad Matter.

"Parents are coming in buying two or three bags at a time because, unlike Play-Doh, it doesn't stick to fibers it doesn't get all into things," owner Florence Allen says.

Zipes Speed Pipes are another top seller.

"Parents were excited about it and the kids were excited about it, so it's kind of one of those home runs," she says.

Another sale that Allen thinks is going to be gone by this weekend is Doinking Darts.

So I hope you're not on the naughty list so you don't miss out on this year's top toys.

Both of the toy shop owners say since it's so close to Christmas, these top sellers may not be in stock much longer.