While kids are getting ready to head back to school and make life-long memories, one Warner Robins high school student is wanting to make life-long changes in her community.

13WMAZ Junior Journalist Anna Brooke Keisler met up with the student to talk about her plans for her city.

14-year-old Reina Abram is getting ready to head back to high school; but it's not just her classes, locker and textbooks that will be changing.

She's trying to branch out and make a difference by creating more volunteer opportunities for young people.

Abram says this idea sparked two years ago when she first moved to Warner Robins.

"I set up a field trip for a bunch of my friends, and we went out to a special needs egg hunt and just the joy on those kids faces, watching them run around trying to find the golden egg," Abram said. "I mean you can't buy that feeling, you can't replicate that feeling, that feeling only comes from knowing that you are helping others, and I just want that feeling for other people."

Abram spoke at a city council meeting last week, but she's not stopping there.

Although Abram is just starting her sophomore year of high school, she is determined to bring change to the youth community of Warner Robins.

For that, she's headed straight to the top.

By meeting with Mayor Randy Toms, Abram hopes to get this program on the fast track.

"It's not something that we've contemplated a lot, but we are going to now because of [Abram's] statements in the meeting," Mayor Toms said.

Mayor Toms says sometimes they forget kids really are looking for hands-on ways to better their cities.

"You can't love a city unless you are a part of the community, and I feel like some people don't feel like they are a part of the community, because they don't get an opportunity," Abram said.

Excited for what the future holds, both Abram and Mayor Toms can't wait to get the ball rolling.

Mayor Toms has asked Abram to come back with a business plan, and they will plan to meet again.

They are hopeful changes will be coming in around in the next six months.