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Just Curious: What is iStroll?

iStroll started in Tennessee and has branched out all the way down to Florida and to the Northeast

This report has been contributed by Madilyn Harrell, a student from Mercer University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism.

Four times a week, moms from around Macon gather with their children in Tattnall Square Park to workout and build community with each other.

These women belong to a group called iStroll, and are led at the Macon location by head instructor Mamie Simmons.

On the mornings of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, these women come together to work out.

On Saturdays, sometimes the group participates in local 5Ks and fun runs, and on any fifth Saturdays the group does not meet.

They do not come alone, but with their kids. Many of the workouts have to do with interacting with the kids, including running with a stroller and push ups, where at the top you tickle your kid.

The atmosphere at the workouts are meant to be engaging for both the kids and moms.

“It’s intended to be a community of parents and not just a workout, “ Simmons said. “So it’s kinda designed that you’re working out and getting stronger but you’re also getting stronger mentally and kind of building a community.”

iStroll started in Tennessee and has branched out all the way down to Florida and to the Northeast, with the number of locations increasing in the past few months. There are at least 25 members involved with the iStroll in Macon, however, the three classes during the week tend to hold 10 to 15 moms each.

There are a variety of ways to get involved in iStroll. The group offers monthly memberships, which is an unlimited amount of classes per month.

They also offer class passes for people who can only make it to certain classes during the week. The classes are designed to be for any level athlete.

“We really do try to make the workouts so that the highest level of athlete can benefit from it but it also can be scaled for a new mom,” Simmons said.

Macon's iStroll locations for the workouts are usually at Tattnall Square Park. On Saturdays, they work out at Amerson River Park and when the weather is bad, they move to inside locations around Macon.