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Just Curious: Where do Mercer students like to eat around Macon?

As Mercer students make Macon their home away from home, we asked what places they frequently eat

This report has been contributed by Matthew Causey, a student from Mercer University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism.

Everyone has their favorite restaurant to eat at, and Mercer University students have discovered a variety of favorites all around town.

A common favorite among students is The Rookery -- a burger restaurant located on Cherry Street in downtown Macon.

“It’s kind of dark. It’s kind of secluded almost.” said junior Garrett Fulwood. “It’s just a nice place to chill out and have some good food.”

Junior Angela Mensah said she liked the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as the variety of foods such as burgers, salads, and chicken tenders.

Another common favorite for Mercer students is Growler USA, a bar and burger restaurant at Mercer Landing -- an area of restaurants across from the Mercer football stadium.

Students said they liked the convenience of how close it was to campus and that they liked the burgers there.

“They have the best burgers with the craziest names, and their fries are really good,” said sophomore Jarah Childs.

Akihiro Nakamura, a senior at Mercer, said his favorite restaurant was Taki, a Japanese steakhouse off Zebulon Road.

He said he liked the food and specifically enjoyed the sauce they served with the rice.

“It’s just one of those little things that you like,” Nakamura said.

Another student, Deion Davis, said he likes to eat at The Brick because he likes Italian food and they have options for him as a vegetarian.

Sophomore Jacob Frogge said he likes to eat at Parish because he likes Cajun food.

“It’s just a real homey feeling and really good food,” Frogge said.

No matter your favorite, there's something for even the pickiest eater in Macon.