It is Hispanic Heritage month and a school in Byron is recognizing their Hispanic students and staff.

Before the Hispanic Heritage show even began students at Kay Road Elementary were excited. The school says seven Hispanic nationalities are represented among Kay Road's students and staff.

"From everywhere not just Mexico. People think there's only Mexican's living here but there's not. They're from many different countries,” says Miguel Angel Hurta.

He and his dancing partners are parents from Mexico who decided to help demonstrate their culture's dances. Kay Road Elementary says they have staff and students from Panama, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala and Puerto Rico.

"A way to tell the kids welcome to the United States. Here we want to know about your roots and your traditions,” explains teacher Yiseel Mathison.

Mathison is an English as Second Language teacher from Panama. She taught all of the students their dances and put the program together. Mathison even taught Mexican students the paso doble from Spain.

"Kind of have to be stiff and still and straight. Yeah like shoulders back and stuff,” says student Lizbeth Turrubiates.

Mathison says sometimes students from Hispanic countries grow up king a third language, like an Indian dialect, and arrive not knowing English or Spanish. She says it helps those students feel integrated while others learn about their classmate’s countries.

"At the end of the day we are not that different at all. We are just a part of America. And that's what makes America what it is. The wonderful land where we live,” says Mathison.

The Peach County community they say is rich with Hispanic cultures from all over the world. The school says it is not their first time doing the Hispanic Heritage program and it is something they hope to do for years to come.