With just six days until election night, Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp is traveling through the state with other conservative leaders.

"This race -- right here, right now-- is the most important race that there's ever been in Georgia," says Kemp.

Wednesday morning Brian Kemp stopped in Monroe County and Houston County to reiterate his own conservative values and take a few shots at his Democratic opponent, Stacey Abrams.

"With your help, and your vote, and your support, we're going to build a red wall up around this state," says Kemp.

The bus made its first stop in Monroe County and dozens of supporters gathered outside the courthouse.

"He talked about lowering taxes in the next legislative session -- a lot of the things he talked about is what Monroe County really wants to happen," says Michael Bittick, who is running for Monroe County Sheriff.

Kemp also talked about protecting the HOPE scholarship, lowering healthcare premiums, and supporting the second amendment.

"She [Abrams] wants taxpayer benefits, welfare, and free college for those that are here illegally," says Kemp. "That will bankrupt the system."

Then the Kemp bus headed further south to Houston County.

"We know how important Middle Georgia is," says Kemp. Then he noted his support for Robins Air Force base and rural Georgia farmers.

"We appreciate him coming down here to talk to us about conservative values... protecting the base... protecting our second amendment... and all the conservative things that make America great," says Bill Vaught, Chairman of Houston County Republicans.

"If we don't get out and don't work hard over the next 6 days, the we have us a real race on our hands," says Kemp.

Kemp will be back in Macon on Sunday campaigning with President Donald Trump at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.