Brayden King went out to shop on Saturday, picking out whatever clothes he wanted.

King received $200 to spend along with twenty other families.

King says, "You pick any jacket you want or any clothes that you want."

Vernard Hodges, a local veterinarian gave each family a Kohl's gift card to spend on Christmas shopping for the kids.

Hodges reached out to DFCS to locate the families in need, and partnered with Kohl's to host the day of shopping.

"I can go to the mall and buy different things, but I wanted these kids to feel and see what it's like to go shopping and buy whatever they want," says Hodges.

It makes kids like King feel special, "you can just go to any area you want to go."

And he filled up his buggy with lots of goodies.

For mom, Keosha Williams, it's a huge help.

"Me personally, I'm not able to just go out and buy clothes for him like I need to because my job and it's just really a blessing."

King took hom lots of treats to go under the Christmas tree.