After a very snowy morning in Macon, people are taking to Coleman Hill to sled down it. The thing is, they're not using sleds to get the job done.

It all started with no school for kids and a repeat of a Christmas morning wake-up call for parents.

"I was the first one up this morning and I got up, woke my parents up," Mack Lancaster said

Some woke up maybe earlier than they would've liked. Aidan Wright said he woke his parents up at 6:10 a.m.

But then, outside they went, enjoying their day off and the snow-covered sights.

Even though kids were out of the classroom, at Coleman Hill, they had their thinking caps on.

"I'm using this old skateboard deck," Lancaster said.

"I'm going to use a laundry basket and I'll see if it works," sledder Bert Bass said.

"I'm using the lid of a trash can to slide down," Braeden Carmical said.

Lancaster was optimistic about successful sledding.

"I've taken it on some other hills and it's kind of been sticking to the ground, but this hill is steeper, so I think it'll work, " Lancaster explained.

Others, like Bass, weren't so confident.

"I'm probably gonna flip over," Bass said.

Whether they made it to the bottom of Coleman Hill or not, kids like Mason Carmical were just happy to have some snow.

"I was really happy because I haven't seen snow in like four years and it's just really interesting to see snow again, "Carmical said.

The kids hope that we won't have to wait another four years for more.