A group of people in Dublin spent a couple of years restoring a city gem, known as Lake Leisure in Dublin also located behind the Carl Vinson Medical Center,

Gabrielle Dawkins, spoke to leaders who spearheaded the clean up.

Lake Leisure is Army Veteran, Rickie Juzang's go to place.

"Since I finished the program in 2014, I come out here a lot, and I relax, and I meditate," said Juzang.

He sits and looks at the still waters three times a week.

"When I have things on my mind, I come out here and sit down, and I pray and see what type of decisions I need to make, said Juzang. "You can feel the presence of God here."

The Veterans Administration established these 12 acres behind the Dublin VA hospital as Lake Leisure, as the years rolled by its beauty faded.

Old photos show a dried up lake, abandoned docks, and high bushes.

Alan Yauck and Scott Beasley and a group of volunteers spent years restoring the lake to its natural beauty.

"The far side had not been taken care of or cut. In fact had been used for a dumping ground," said Yauck. "A group came in with bulldozers and bulldozed all of it up, and they spent two days hauling truck load and truck loads of trash out of here, said Yauck.

Scott Beasley looked at this area in amazement and they hope on Saturday everyone will do the same.

"I hope to see people come and say Wow! If we can get the wow factor to some of these people then they will understand why we are married to this project," said Beasley.

Their goal is sharing nature with Veterans like Juzang.

Juzang: It's just a good place to be, and I really enjoy being out here.
Dawkins: So it lives up to its name?
Juzang: Most definitely.

The event on Saturday will start at 11:30 am at the lake. The Dublin High School band will perform.