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'Our job is to help spread joy': Students in Lakeview Primary's Kindness Club support their peers

The goal is to teach the group of second graders being kind doesn't start when you're an adult, it starts at an early age.

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ga. — Lakeview Primary School is teaching its students being kind goes a long way. They created a Kindness Club where selected second graders work together to do nice things for others.

"Putting a smile on other people's faces makes me happy," said Kennedy Brown. "Our job is to help spread joy all around the school."

Alyssa Bogle, who is also a member, says it's her favorite thing to do, too.

"I like seeing the smiles on other people's faces when we help them," said Bogle.

If she could guess how many people the Kindness Club has made smile so far, her guess would be... "About the whole school!"

The Kindness Club is always working on something new from reading to kindergarteners, to writing nice letters for teachers and students.

"We also made these boxes, mine says 'You are loved.' We made them to show our volunteers that we care about them," said Bogle.

"One of the projects is that we're going to go to the playground, once it's not so mucky outside, and get all of the trash out of it," said Brown.

Ginny Gray is the school's gifted-student facilitator. She says the goal is to teach this group of second graders being kind doesn't start when you're an adult, it starts at an early age.

"They make us proud. In the hall, I see them picking up trash, I see them holding a door, I see them saying hello," said Gray.

They're all things that are making a difference.

"If we have a younger student or somebody in their class that is upset on the playground and doesn't have anybody to play with, these students are the ones along with others that go and play with them. They make them smile, they read a book with them, they make sure they're not alone," said Gray.

Alyssa and Kennedy say, it feels good to know they're making a difference.

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