The fair is just a day away and organizers are getting everything prepared for the big open, from food to rides.

Though it may be quiet at the Georgia National Fairgrounds, now hundreds have been working to get it ready for the last few weeks, but before fair goers can enjoy those rides and food, everything has to be checked by inspectors.

"They make sure they have the proper equipment and that the food is kept at an appropriate temperature depending on what type of food that is,” says Keaton Walker with the Georgia National Fairgrounds.

Before people can climb aboard, each ride has to be checked, too.

"They have a two-step process that they have to go through to make sure the checklist is finalized signed off on and ready and safe for everyone to come and enjoy,” explains Walker.

The Reithoffer Shows company owner says in addition to an inspector from the state he also uses 21 inspectors from his business to double check the rides.

"Every ride is different because every ride goes together different. Where they go together is where they look to make sure they've been assembled properly. Every one of those areas have what we call wear points. They make sure the tolerance in those wear point is not beyond safety standards. So there's a lot to look at,” says Richard Reithoffer.

He says it is a family business that has been around for 121 years. This year makes 28 years bringing their rides to Central Georgia. They say the best way to test them out is to take a spin themselves.

"That's how we make sure we bring the best rides the world has to offer here to Middle Georgia and the Georgia National Fair, the best fair in the southeast,” says Reithoffer.

Last-day preparations to make the fair's opening day a success.

The ride inspection company says they have about 70 rides there this year. Last year, more than 536,000 people attended the fair.

Remember, the fair starts Thursday and runs for 11 days until October 15th. You can buy advance tickets and a day pass to get in to the fair is $9.