Students at the Heart of Georgia College and Career Academy in Laurens County will head to class to continue learning a trade that could turn into a lifetime career.

Around 30 teens are getting a hands-on look at welding, including Cam Stanley.

"I heard about career academy -- not being in school for a minute -- so I just wanted to sign up for it, but it turned out it would be fun for me," Stanley said.

The partnership between Laurens County and Dublin City Schools lets students learn the basics while they continue taking classes at their high school.

"A regular day of coming to school, they are going to come straight to the shop and we are going to weld," said instructor Tyler Yawn.

Yawn added the course gives students the skills they need to work at local companies.

"Talking with our local industry, we found there is a high need for welders, and they needed to hire welders," said Eric Cannada

Cannada, the CEO of the program, says once students finish the program, they can apply for enrollment at Oconee Technical College to gain their certificate.

Student Traliyah Washington says it's a chance to try something different.

"It's a hands-on activity and I love hands-on activities, but I decided to try welding because I never tried welding before," Washington said.

After graduation, they can work at places like Dublin Construction.

Cannada says it gives the emerald city a chance to hire locally.

"A lot of our students nowadays don't go to a four-year college," Cannada said.

Each student agrees this program gives them an opportunity for a bright future.

"If my dreams don't come true like how I see it playing out, then I can just come back to welding, it's always good to have a backup plan," Stanley said.

Cannada says the program was made possible by local companies donating welding equipment to teach the courses.