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5 years since Laurens County man shot, killed by deputies in his home

Deputies shot David Hooks during a 2014 drug raid inside his home.

LAURENS COUNTY, Ga. — Five years and "no justice" for the family of David Hooks. 

He's the Laurens County man shot and killed by deputies during a September 2014 drug raid inside his home.

Since then, the case has taken many twists and turns.

Hooks' death was followed by protests, lawsuits, and video evidence sent to 13WMAZ anonymously, but through all of this, there is still no closure for his family.

Now, an appeal to his widow's federal lawsuit is pending in court on the fifth anniversary of his death.

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Hooks' wife, Teresa, and her lawyer, Mitchell Shook, recall what happened on the night of September 24th, 2014.

"He had a gun in his hand and he said, 'Who is it?' And I said I didn't know," says Teresa. 

"At that point, the backdoor was knocked down by the Laurens County Sheriff's Department," says Shook. 

"I was going to come behind him, but before I could step into the den, the shots were fired," says Teresa. 

Teresa previously told 13WMAZ that Laurens County deputies shot and killed her husband during an unannounced 11 p.m. raid at their home. They came looking for drugs, but didn't find any.

"Initially, I thought that I was going to die. I thought I was going to be shot. I thought a gang had broke in," says Teresa. 

Weeks later, people protested outside the Laurens County courthouse, demanding justice for David.

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In June of 2015, a Laurens County grand jury decided not to charge the deputies that shot Hooks. Months later, Teresa filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Laurens County Sheriff William Harrell and three officers in an attempt to bring her husband some justice.

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"This is going to be the only way he ever gets it -- that his family ever gets it," Shook told 13WMAZ. 

The federal lawsuit claimed the raid was illegal and based on false information from a known meth addict.

During a recorded deposition, that someone anonymously mailed 13WMAZ, Sheriff Harrell admitted there was no DNA evidence tying Hooks to drugs, which he had claimed earlier.

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SHOOK: "When you published in the media — including Laurens County — that there was DNA evidence matching David Hooks to the container, that was not true, was it?"

HARRELL'S LAWYER: "Object to the form of the question."

HARRELL: "From what you have shown me, that is correct."

Former Sheriff Harrell and two deputies are challenging Teresa's lawsuit after a Federal Judge refused to throw it out last year. 

In July, the U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th district heard the case in Atlanta, but their decision is still pending.

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