DUBLIN, Ga. — Laurens County's school superintendent Dan Brigman is leaving next month.

That's according to Pat Brock, spokeswoman for Laurens County Schools.

She says the school board voted Thursday night to release Brigman from his contract, and that Brigman notified the district's staff by email yesterday that he was leaving to take a new job.

It would be Brigman's fourth job in less than four years.

Brigman's been on the job in Laurens County for just two years.

When he was hired in 2017, 13WMAZ reported that he left his last two jobs in the middle of the school year. Some questioned why the district would hire someone who left two jobs abruptly and asked if he had been properly vetted.

ORIGINAL STORY: Laurens Co. school superintendent choice left two previous jobs in mid-year

Brock says she doesn't know where Brigman is headed next. She says he'll be back on the job in Laurens County after the district's Thanksgiving break and stay through the end of 2019.

He made the news several times during his two years in Laurens County.

In October, some people criticized the superintendent after he used $6,000 in school district funds to purchase storage containers from his son.

Brigman told 13WMAZ that it was a good deal for the district and he did nothing wrong.

MORE INFORMATION: 'There has been nothing unethical or illegal done:' Laurens County Schools Superintendent explains storage container purchases

Also during his tenure, Laurens County became the first school district to arm staff members. He proposed the plan to keep students safe in response to school shootings nationwide.

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Although he arrived at mid-year, Brigman was paid $100,800 in the 2018 fiscal year, according to the state's OpenGeorgia.gov website.

Editor's Note: The video in this story is from 2017 when Brigman was named a finalist in the district's search for a new superintendent.

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