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Macon mayor-elect assembles transition team, seeks community feedback

The team will work to create a plan for the new administration and county over the next 60 days.

MACON, Ga. — Macon-Bibb Mayor-Elect Lester Miller introduced 30 community leaders that will serve on a team to transition into the next administration. This is the first time in 13 years that a new mayor is taking office in Macon-Bibb County.

This team will work over the next two months to create a plan and vision for the new administration. 

Mayor-Elect Lester Miller says he selected people for his team to reflect the county's diversity.

"These people are people who live in your communities. They are your voice. They are going to speak for you. Each were selected because they bring a very unique perspective to Macon-Bibb County. They bring a very unique perspective that I can't provide, to the table, to hear your voices," Miller said.

Miller says he and his team will focus on five specific areas. One of those committees focuses on education.

"In order to make Macon the best place in Georgia to do business, our local government must work with our school system. So our students are being prepared for 21st century jobs," Miller said.

He says the committee will brainstorm ideas to bridge the gap between the school system and jobs of the future. Miller is also forming a committee for public safety. 

"...To focus on how we can increase the officers we already have. How we can do a better job of working with what we have financially," Miller said. 

He says he hopes to fund in a new pay scale and put more deputies on the street. 

Then, there's economic development -- something Miller discussed with Governor Kemp on Wednesday.

"I'm not trying to slant anyone. The general feel from the Governor's Office and the economic team we dealt with. There hasn't been a lot of communication between Bibb County as a whole and the state in Atlanta. That maybe we missed out on some opportunities for development, for some money, for some grants," Miller said.

Going forward, Miller says he plans to work with the Governor to improve the relationship and keep Macon in the conversation. Miller also wants to step up tourism and recreation, saying it would bring dollars back to the county.

"When I think about tourism, I think about recreation. I don't just think about coming to a museum.  I think about passing through Bibb County and getting off on an exit that looks like trash. I think about riding down a right of way in Bibb County and seeing grass that's overgrown," Miller said. 

The fifth committee Miller has started focuses on diversity, inclusion and equity. Miller says one of his top priorities is bringing people together in Macon-Bibb County. 

Miller's team is also asking for input from anyone who lives in Macon-Bibb County to help with the transition. They have a survey posted on their website where you can give input. Also on that site, there are bios of each member of the transition team. 

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