Just as the sun rises, so does the American Flag at Georgia Military College.

Students stand in attention, and salute the stars and stripes as part of their every day routine.

"Any career you go in to, these skills really help you," Lauren Rutherford said.

"It's developing you as a leader, developing your character, and your service leadership," Senior Davis Isley added.

Students are required to wear military-style uniforms to school everyday.

Everyday, in classes where students are challenged to not give up.

"They know everybody in there and what the different strengths and weaknesses they have, and they really push you to work at your weaknesses and make them strengths," Rutherford explains.

GMC is a college preparatory school, and sets students up not only for military careers, but any career they aspire to chase.

Lauren Rutherford says she wants to go to med school while Farley and Isley both hope to serve leadership positions in the military.