MACON, Ga. — Three Little Caesars locations in Macon are closed indefinitely.

The Little Caesars locations on North Avenue, Pio Nono Avenue, and Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard in Macon are closed.

A former employee, 17-year-old Jynia Crafter, says she used to work at the North Avenue Little Caesars location in Macon. She says she worked there for about six months.

Crafter says after she returned from a Florida vacation at the end of June, she tried to get her schedule, but the general manager told her the store closed.

She says was not notified beforehand about the closure.

“I had just come home and then found out the store closed, and didn’t nobody tell me that anything happened,” Crafter said. “I had to find out by myself.”

Crafter says her manager told her that the location would open again in about a week when another supply truck comes.

A month later, the store never opened.

“I felt like they could have told me instead of letting me find out by myself,” she said.

Crafter says at first, she did not get paid. She said she thought her check came through, but then it bounced back.

Brown says she had to contact the manager, who then contacted the franchise owner in order to get a hold of the check about a week later.

Crafter says she does not know why the locations closed or if they plan on opening again.

13WMAZ visited all three locations and signs said they are "closed for renovations," but we did not see work going on inside. 

13WMAZ reached out to a franchise owner, the North Avenue location’s general manager, and Little Caesars corporate, but was not able to reach them.

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