On March 9, Lizella Baptist Church will open its doors for a night in paradise.

"I love it! I want to go every year," said Selena Hester, a member of the ministry team at Lizella Baptist Church.

Hester is a familiar face at the church’s annual prom.

"Probably three or four, I've been there bunches of times," Hester said.

This Friday will be their fifth prom, and it'll come with a tropical twist.

Everyone who comes will receive a lei, and even a taste of the islands.

"Hawaiian food, Hawaiian chicken, Hawaiian desserts, and all kinds of [other] foods and desserts," Hester explained.

Not only is it a night for fun, but a night for faith.

"I hope the Lord will bless this day for us," Hester said.

It promises to be a night for friends or, in Hester’s case, someone even more special.

"I got me a date," Hester said enthusiastically.

At the end of it all, it's a night to make the men and women of the God Outshines All Limitations (G.O.A.L.) ministry have a night full of fun and a night for them to shine.

"I'm going to be beautiful, I'm going to get my hair done," Hester said.