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A Lizella man says his neighborhood's uneven, bumpy roads are 'Driving Me Crazy!'

Alan Everett says he and his neighbors have made multiple attempts to try and get Waterwheel Court in Lizella resurfaced.

LIZELLA, Ga. — We all use Central Georgia's roads to get around, but sometimes there are things that drive us crazy. Whether it's a stubborn pothole or an intersection that needs a traffic light, we're listening to your road problems and getting answers from local and state officials in our new series "Driving Me Crazy."

Neighbors on Waterwheel Court in Lizella say potholes and patch-over work to fill them are all over the street.

Alan Everett says the whole block has made multiple attempts to address their problems with the county. 

"This particular pothole that's pretty significant has been patched about three times," he said.

Everett says he moved to Waterwheel Court in 1993. 

"The street was at that time in good shape. After the flood in '94, about a year later it started to grate," he recalled.

Since then, the county patched a few potholes a few times, but the asphalt buildup over the years has made the street uneven.

"When you're driving your car, each one is an individual bump, you feel it in your vehicle," Everett said.

Everett says they've tried talking to local leaders.

"One neighbor put together a petition, everybody acknowledged, but we never saw results," he said.

As a taxpayer, he says he wants his dollars spent on infrastructure.

"What is preventing my road, my street where my family and neighbors live, from being resurfaced to an acceptable level?" he asked.

Macon-Bibb's Interim County Engineer Charles Brooks says they're using SPLOST money mixed with state funds to rate all county roads. 

"This year we've got a new company coming to do the rating, it's called Robotics, and they are a totally digital outlet where they will come and take a snap shot of the roads as they ride," Brooks said.

Brooks says they'll get to repaving Waterwheel Court eventually and listen to complaints, but they won't change the order of repairs.

"We always come out there to be sure that it's not some kind of emergency, you know. Those roads aren't put on any kind of special list or anything, but they do come to the forefront of having somebody personally come out, and take a look at it," Brooks said.

Brooks says the partnership with the Robotics company was approved about a month ago, and they'll start rating the roads in the next few weeks.

If there's something on the road that's driving you crazy, we want to hear from you. Send an email to news@13wmaz.com or message us on Facebook.

Tune in next Monday, February 17 to 13WMAZ Morning at 6 a.m. to hear what else is "Driving Me Crazy!"


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