Float Daze is a local floaters organization that originated on Facebook.

Robert Jackson says he started the group last year. The group gets together at Amerson River Park to float down the Ocmulgee River.

"We just all meet up. We float down to a sandbar, hang out on the sandbar for a good little bit, everybody else comes, and it ends up being 100 people,150 sometimes," Jackson said.

Now, the group is focused on more than floating. Members say they work to keep trash out of the river and off the sandbars.

Jackson says they climb over railings and do other things most people wouldn't do to keep the river clean. He says they watch the water. After the river is high then recedes, there's a lot left behind.

"The water's supposed to drop by Saturday. After Fourth of July weekend, after all this flood water that's come through, there's going to be stuff out here that needs picking up," he added.

He says he wants people to enjoy the river but take care of it at the same time.

If you would like to join Float Daze this weekend, they will host a cleanup at Amerson River Park at 11 a.m. To become an official member of the organization, you can make a request to join on their Facebook page.