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Lofts at Houston Central open to Central Georgia college students

The lofts have one building for Central Georgia Technical College Students and two for Trinity School of Medicine students.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Central Georgia Tech is now the state's third technical college to offer housing for students.

In January, The Lofts at Houston Central opened off of Highway 96. It came in a partnership between Houston County, Houston Healthcare, and Central Georgia Technical College. 

"Honestly it's just very convenient, and very easy to be living here," Osama Ahmed said.

Ahmed is a student at Trinity School of Medicine, which has a small campus in Warner Robins.

He says student housing played a big part in his college decision.

"That was a big ordeal for me because I'm gonna be studying intensely almost every single day, so it's important for it to be a nice quiet environment," he said.

The Californian also enjoy the convenience. 

Next week, he'll take classes on the Central Georgia Technical College campus, just across the street.

"It'll be great because its like walking distance, I won't have to get in my car, call an uber. It's literally like a five to seven minute walk at most," he said.

Janet Kelly says with high inflation, the school wanted to provide affordability.

"It really came at a good time for our students we believe, because not only can it help them avoid the inflationary costs of rent in the community, it can also save them money for gas transportation travel etc.," Kelly said.

And the prices are a plus as well.

"The prices itself from what I've heard from around the area, it's very reasonable, it's not too expensive, and the amenities that we have, I feel like it really helps with the cost of living," Ahmed said.

These include a pool, a gym, and the perks of a fully furnished apartment with washer and dryers.

"This housing development is actually all inclusive, so that means the students pay one price. They don't have to pay a power bill, a water bill, anything like that," Kelly said.

With costs ranging from $900 to $1500 dollars, and 256 available beds, they are ready to welcome more students.

"I'll be here for the rest of the year I guess, looking forward to staying here longer," Ahmed said.

The lofts have one to four bedroom options, and one of the buildings is connected to a retail space.

Kelly says there could be a second phase of the project to include three more buildings.

This property is privately owned by the Sierra Development Group. Students lease through them. 

You can find out more information about the lofts here. 

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