Warner Robins' longtime city clerk is out of a job.

Bill Harte says he cleaned out his office Monday after a talk with Mayor Randy Toms.

He says he's resigned and hoped to stay through late February, but that Toms told him he'd be fired if he didn't leave immediately.

So far, neither Harte nor Tom have explained the move, but Toms says the clerk and former city finance officer is now on leave until February 23 when he officially leaves the city payroll.

“I’ve enjoyed my work with the city and the people I’ve worked with. Politics have always been difficult to work around, but I know I’ve served the city well. My conscience is clear, I’ve done a good job for the city,” said Harte. “My opinion is I was dismissed so a city administrator could be put in my position or so they could facilitate a city administration position. I think that’s the reason.”

WMAZ reached out to Toms who said ‘no comment’ because of it being a personnel issue.

Councilman Tim Thomas said Harte’s claim about city administrator is "absolutely not true" and that there was no council-led effort to remove Bill Harte from the position.

However, when Harte offered his resignation asking to stay through February, Thomas said he felt if someone is going to resign, then they need to go when they put in the paperwork, not drag it out.

Councilman Keith Lauritsen said he was going to miss Harte and wished him the best. He declined commenting on what led to the resignation and said he did not know the details of Toms and Harte's conversation Monday.

Council members Daron Lee, Clifford Holmes, Mike Davis, and Carolyn Robbins did not return WMAZ's request for comment.

Bill Harte resignation letter by 13WMAZ on Scribd