Jeanetta Watson says she hasn’t seen many people coming into the Board of Elections building to submit their early voting ballots. Watson says this isn’t unusual for a runoff. “It depends on the race -- how competitive it is and who is running,” said Watson.

According to a study by, electoral competitiveness and election type are part of the reason why people stay home from the polls. They say runoff elections almost always have a lower turnout than other elections and the average runoff election reported 35.3 percent less votes the second time around.

Watson says so far, about 100 people have submitted their early voting ballots for the District 1 Commissioner's seat, but in a district of about 13,000 eligible voters, that’s a pretty low turnout. Watson says she's hoping more people will come out on Election Day considering so many people wanted this election in the first place.

Valerie Wynn's name is on the ballot. “The city paid a lot of money for this special election and on this special election runoff,” said Wynn.

The runoff is costing the county about $17,000 dollars, but Wynn says it's worth it if the district gets to be represented at commission meetings with the budget approval coming up. “I do not think that next Tuesday when they’re going to vote on the budget again, I don’t think it'll pass. I believe they’ll still have some work to do on that, and I’d like to be the one to do that,” said Wynn.

Early voting ends on Friday June 15th. Watson wants people in District 1 to know they can vote on Tuesday June 19th at 4 different locations:

-The Maple White Baptist Church at 1415 Bass Rd

-The Forst Hills Methodist Church at 1217 Forest Hill Rd

-St. Francis Episcopal Church at 432 Forest Hill Rd.

-Northside Christian Church at 5024 Northside Dr.

The polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. at those locations.