The Middle Georgia Regional Airport says the number of people flying to D.C. has taken off since the inaugural flight back in August 2017.

The airport says in the first four months, more than 4,000 people have taken advantage of the flights and they expect that number to continue to grow.

Megan Tuttle says getting to and from D.C., she would sit in traffic and wait hours in Atlanta airport lines, but that is no longer the case thanks to the flights out of Macon.

“We checked in and within 30 minutes we were able to board the plane and [were] comfortable,” said Tuttle.

She says she is not only saving time, she is saving money.

“For pricing them out at the same time, [it] was probably a quarter of the price [than] to go out of Atlanta,” said Tuttle.

Tuttle says her parents live right outside of Baltimore, so she says going to see them has been a breeze ever since the Middle Georgia Regional Airport began offering flights to the D.C. area.

“We have gone now twice, and we plan to do it significantly more,” said Tuttle.

The airport’s manager, Erik D'Leon, says since they started offering the flights at the end of August, more than 4,000 people have hopped onboard.

“I think it’s just there wasn’t a service that offered what the community needed,” said D’Leon.

Between business travelers and vacationing families, D'Leon says they are seeing all sorts of people are boarding the plane.

“It just all matches up for a success story. It’s a quick ride, it’s a comfortable ride and it gets you where you need to go,” said D’Leon.

Now, D'Leon says they are expecting 10,000 people on the flights in 2018, and Tuttle says she expects to be one of them.

“We hope other people will continue to support them, so they'll keep offering the service,” said Tuttle.

D'Leon says right now the flights are still funded through a federal transportation grant, but he says as the flights become more successful, they will start to break away from that funding.