MACON, Ga. — While the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a large blow to artists, the Macon Arts Alliance is working to help Central Georgia creatives get through hard times.

Last Friday, the alliance received $42,000 from the United Way and the Community Foundation of Central Georgia through the Central Georgia COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund.

Alliance executive director Julie Wilkerson wants the fund to help artists struggling while trying to navigate through the pandemic.

"The unknown is very scary and for a lot of these artists, it's supplemental income that they rely on to make ends meet," says Wilkerson. "It feels really good to be able to give direct support to them."

Wilkerson also plans for the relief program to continue on past COVID-19, for any artist that finds themselves in need of financial assistance.

"It will live on forever for artists that have any kind of dire financial emergency," says Wilkerson.

At a time like this, Wilkerson says it is more important than ever to appreciate the power that art has in our lives.

"To see the creative things happening online was really enlightening," says Wilkerson. "A lot of people realized how much art and culture is a part of our lives so this is really a validation for [artists] that what they do is important."

Artists can apply to the Macon Arts Alliance's Creative Response Artist Relief online here.

If you would like to help out, you can donate to the fund, through the alliance's website.

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