Macon-Bibb’s Animal Welfare is trying to clear out their shelter before the holidays, so they're cutting their adoption costs in half this Saturday and offering free microchipping for adopted pets.

Joshua Gamblin wants a playmate for his 6-year-old basset hound, Lucy, but on Wednesday, Lucy escaped.

“I live in Twiggs County and I would have never checked all of the way over here for her,” said Gamblin.

Someone turned her into Macon-Bibb’s Animal Welfare.

“She got out while I was at work and we got a phone call before we even got home to see that she wasn't there,” said Gamblin.

The fast reunion came thanks to a microchip. Gamblin says it saved him from worrying.

Gamblin's holding off on another dog until Saturday because the shelter's offering half-off adoption fees and an added bonus -- free microchipping.

When you a buy a dog or cat the event, you get free microchipping. Deep inside a needle is a little microchip that they insert into your animal and if they’re ever lost.

Tracey Belew, Macon-Bibb’s animal welfare director says they can track the chip using a database to make sure your dog or cat gets home to you. says a chip costs $45 on average. While it's free for an adopted pet this weekend, if you already have a pet you can get it chipped for just $10.

Gamblin says the price is worth it. He won’t have another dog without getting it done.

He says he going to bring his wife and two kids to see Kendall on Saturday to see if she's a good match for a playmate for Lucy.

The adoption event last from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on December 8th.

Dogs are $50 and cats are $40.