MACON, Ga. —

The Macon-Bibb Board of Elections plans to send out 289 ballots to voters whose original ballots had them voting in the wrong congressional race.

The board had a special-called meeting Tuesday morning about the absentee- ballot mix up between Congressional District 2 and Congressional District 8 in the Hazzard 4 precinct. 

Chairman Mike Kaplan says the problem applies only to the Republican congressional races.

On the Democratic ballots, both Congressman Sanford Bishop, Jr. in District 2 and Lindsay Holliday, District 8, are running unopposed.

But on the Republican side, Danny Ellyson of Warner Robins is challenging Austin Scott in the District 8 primary.

Vivian Childs and Don Cole are in a Republican primary to challenge Bishop.

In total, 289 people in the county were mailed incorrect absentee ballots. Of those, the Board of Elections said it received 117 completed ballots. 

In terms of in-person voting, Kaplan says seven people voted using the incorrect ballot Monday. However, because they were cast in person, Kaplan says there’s nothing the board can do about it since there is no record on who they voted for.

In Tuesday’s meeting, the board voted to send out revised ballots to all 289 people and a letter explaining the mix up.

The voters will be asked to void the incorrect ballot.

Jeanetta Watson, supervisor of the Macon-Bibb County Board of Elections, says if the voter doesn’t return the correct ballot, they will count the original ballot that was sent out.


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