Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest football game of the year, and just as big from many Central Georgia businesses. Millions of people across the country will tune in to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots, and businesses are already cashing in ahead of the matchup.

Wings are a finger food favorite for many, especially football fans.

“You can get them get them spicy, you can get them hot, or we can burn you if you want to be burned,” Carl Fambro, owner of Francar’s Buffalo Wings said.

He says there's one day which reigns supreme when it comes to their sales, Super Bowl Sunday, especially if the Falcons are playing.

“Last year when they went, we sold 23 cases, it's almost 8,000 wings in one day,” Fambro said.

A great game time snack is only part of the experience, some use the Super Bowl as an excuse to upgrade the way they watch.

“They get so excited about the big game, and all their buddies are coming over, so they want the biggest,” Michael Jones, Owner of Ken’s Audio, said. “Two years ago, they wanted a 50-inch, this year, everybody wants a 70-inch.”

Jones says they do about 12 percent of their annual business in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. The draw for many is the price tag.

“During the two weeks before Super Bowl, it’s amazing, even the manufacturers like Sony get very aggressive,” Jones said. “TVs are $300 to $400 off of a normal price, from even a month ago.”

The increase in TVs and wings is something both Ken’s and Francar’s has to plan for.

“This is a lot of work, but this is what you go into business for is for these big days,” Fambro said. “You can’t live on Super Bowl, but it sure can make it nice for the next couple of weeks when you see all those folks coming in and you’re selling all those wings. It just makes you feel good.”

One thing both Jones and Fambro agree on is that the first Sunday in February is good for fans and business.

Francar's is offering a 15 percent discount for call-ahead orders before the big game, but you must call before Saturday.