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Macon Chief Superior Judge bans monitoring service from tracking suspects out on bond

The announcement came in a revocation hearing Monday. The DA called for bond to be revoked for 8 suspects who were supposed to be tracked by SuperCom

MACON, Ga. — Macon’s Chief Superior Judge Howard Simms says Anytime Bail’s contracted monitoring service, SuperCom, will no longer be able to monitor suspects in Macon-Bibb County.

SuperCom is also referred to as Eagle Monitoring Services LLC. The LLC is operated by Corey Dunlap, according to the Georgia Secretary of State's website. 

Dunlap is employed by Anytime Bail Bonding, owner Paul Stewart confirms. 

Judge Simms says Sheriff David Davis, who also has the authority to terminate the monitoring service by law, has been “diplomatic” handling the allegations against SuperCom not monitoring suspects. 

Simms said on the bench Monday that the monitoring service operated by Corey Dunlap “wouldn’t monitor any more suspects as long as I’m Chief Superior Judge.” 

Davis says Simms and him are "on the same page."

The announcement came in a revocation hearing Monday afternoon. 

The District Attorney’s office called for bond to be revoked for eight suspects, who were supposed to be monitored by Anytime Bail’s monitoring service. The DA’s Office says all eight suspects violated their bond orders including breaking house arrest.

Judge Simms blanketly revoked all eight bonds in bond revocation hearings Monday.

The suspects include:
Xavier Lewis 

Makalah Parker

Derek Demps

Kendrick Murry

Jacquelyn Fryer 

Jaleel Fryer 

Jerone Beasley

Javon Booze

All eight suspects are back in jail Monday night, according to the Bibb County Jail's website. 

According to indictments obtained by 13WMAZ, the suspects include three murder suspects, three aggravated assault suspects, one charged with aggravated sodomy, and another charged with aggravated battery.

DA Anita Howard says her office requested the monitoring service turn over reports on where the suspects had been, according to GPS on their ankle monitors and found they violated their bond order. 

Records from the Sheriff’s Office show 14 suspects out on bond are currently being monitored by Supercom. 

Sheriff Davis placed Anytime Bail and SuperCom on a 90 day suspension from tracking new ankle monitor clients beginning February 14.

However, on February 23, just a week after Sheriff David Davis and Anita Howard met with Anytime and SuperCom, murder suspect Keymarion Manor was out on the streets with a gun. SuperCom was supposed to be tracking his ankle monitor and making sure he stayed under house arrest. Manor died from his injuries in the shootout. 

Then, on March 6, murder suspect Christian Williams, who also was supposed to be tracked by the company, did not show up to trial. He’s been missing ever since. 

His lawyer shared a 16-second surveillance camera video that seems to show Williams being dragged from a front yard. Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says they’re handling the investigation as an alleged kidnapping although they’re not sure if Williams was kidnapped or if he’s on the run. 

DA Howard’s Office also filed a motion to revoke bond for murder suspect Christian Williams. Williams has a bench warrant out for his arrest. 

This is a developing story. Check back with 13WMAZ for updates.

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