MONTEZUMA, Ga. — The Boys and Girls Club of Albany is back in Montezuma, this time with a new-and-improved facility.

Regional director Ana Baggiano says it's for kids of all ages, from age 6 to 18. "We work with children in kindergarten all the way up through their senior year of high school. We have different age appropriate programs for them."

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The facility has a full gym, art studio, computer room, and more importantly, busing for students coming from Macon County Elementary School.

Baggiano says this was a necessity for the community. "About 16 percent of people in Macon County don't have a vehicle, so transportation can be a really big challenge, especially in the middle of the day. Many people are still working when children are let out of school."

Program director Zantae Kinchen says with the grand opening event coming up on April 6th, they're looking for more students to register, as well as volunteers.

"We're just looking for volunteers who are willing to come in, teachers to help the kids -- reading, writing, gym, just whatever."

It's Kinchen's job to make this a place where kids are eager to come and she does that through unique projects.

"We have computer programming, we have something called 'Lyricism,' allowing kids to rap and bring their musical insight to the club as well. We have STEM projects, and we have art."

Registration for the after-school program is ongoing. During the summer months, there will also be a summer camp for students while their parents are at work.

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The grand opening event will be held at the facility, located at 718 Vienna Road in Montezuma.

The event will take place on Saturday, April 6th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be free food, a bounce house, face painting, and a chance to register kids on the spot.