Over in Macon County, farmer Donald Chase checks on the progress of his peanuts daily.

It'll be another month or so before it's time for the peanut harvest, but Chase says it's worth the wait.

"If you want good peanut butter, you gotta have good-flavored peanuts."

When it comes to peanuts, Chase farms produces plenty.

"1,300,000 pounds -- that’s fairly typical," Chase said.

This heavy harvest spans across hundreds of acres that won him a top peanut prize last weekend. 

In 2018, we had the highest yield per acre in the state.

Chase humbly said they just got lucky, but hopes the weather will bring them more luck this year.

"We don't mind if it's hot. What we need is to continue to get rainfall. Right now, we’re kinda OK, but we are probably going to need to irrigate towards the end of the week if we don’t get any rainfall," Chase said. 

Irrigation has been a more common task this year, Chase explained.

“This year, we’ve had to irrigate more and we’ve had a lot more heat."

Come harvest time, he asks for something you’d never think a farmer would want.

“It would be great if we had no rain for a month,” Chase said.

They need to dry weather in order to pick peanuts that give so much to Georgia’s economy.

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, in 2018, peanuts brought in over $500 million in revenue to Georgia.

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