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Macon couple opens 'pull-up' seafood restaurant

The Walkers originally opened Louvenia's in Dublin before turning it into a food truck. Now, they've opened it as a takeout spot in Macon

MACON, Ga. — Michelle and Jason Walker say folks can now ‘pull-up and get sauced-up’ at the Louvenia’s Seafood Market storefront in Macon.

The Walkers originally opened Louvenia’s as a restaurant in Dublin in 2017. Then, they ditched that spot and turned it into a food truck that bears the same name.

And now, the Walkers are setting Louvenia's back down in Macon. They opened up the seafood eatery as a storefront at 5033 Brookhaven Rd in Macon.

“We wanted to give people a central location where they can come,” Michelle said. “Some people don’t want to come out to a food truck.”

There are no tables and chairs at the location for people to sit down and eat their meal. It only has a waiting area. 

Michelle says that’s because the couple wants to make sure people can still come by and pick up food, just like a food truck.

“We decided to keep it like the truck. It’s the pull-up,” Michelle said.

The Walkers are from Savannah. They say they get their love for seafood from their coastal roots.

Louvenia’s is named after Jason’s grandmother, who still lives in Savannah. Michelle says naming the takeout restaurant after her husband’s grandmother is a way the couple honors the matriarch.

“She had a good old-fashioned name. She talks some good old trash,” Michelle said.

Jason says Louvenia's has fans from all over the state.

Credit: Thais Ackerman

"They drive down from Augusta, Atlanta, Statesboro,” Jason said.

He says the most popular item on the menu is the 4750 platter. It has potatoes, corn, sausage, shrimp and crab -- all drizzled with a sauce of your choice.

The Walkers recently introduced a new sauce to the menu. It’s called 'Oouuiee Shoot' sauce. It is a sweet and spicy twist on Louvenia's Geechee sauce.

They say they are putting the food truck on hold until they get everything running smoothly at the storefront.

For now, folks can ‘pull-up and get sauced-up’ at Louvenia’s in Macon on Thursday through Saturday from noon to 8 p.m.

Credit: Thais Ackerman


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