MACON, Ga. — Some creative crosswalks are strolling into Macon soon. Sabrina Burse visited the College Hill neighborhood to find out details about the crosswalk art project.

Some Macon artists are going to be filling in the gaps at four different crosswalks. Rachel Hollar with Bike Walk Macon says she's working with stARTup Studios to hire different artists to paint their designs. Hollar says the creative crosswalk project aims to bring safety and personality to the city's streets.

Painter Colin Penndorf hopes to get involved as one of the designing artists. He says art is a powerful tool to help slow down drivers. 

"Both promotes the art and the artwork that's there and the artist that's there, but also really does allow a safer space for pedestrians to cross," said Penndorf. 

Bike Walk Macon will choose four designs for crosswalks at Appleton Avenue and Columbus Street and Ross Street and Columbus Street. The crosswalks are located near Mount de Sales Academy. 

"They've been implemented all over the United States. We see them in a lot of big cities," said Hollar. 

Hollar says each artist will receive $1,000 for his or her work. You can apply at and see the list of guidelines for submissions. 

Penndorf says he's excited for what the project could means for Macon's future. 

"It just changes the way that we view ourselves as a town, but also how outsiders view what we are capable of doing and producing here in town," said Penndorf. 

If you'd like to apply to be an artist for the project, the deadline is July 17. Bike Walk Macon expects to complete the creative crosswalks by Aug. 7.

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