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'Make people smile': Macon boutique owner hosts Facebook Live fashion shows

With many businesses having to close because of COVID-19, one business owner has found a creative way to still make sales.

MACON, Ga. — Six years ago, Virginia Sharp made her dream a reality.

"As a little girl, I always wanted to own my own little boutique. I love fashion, I've always thought high heels were the best thing ever," she says.

"I just came to this little spot one day, I sat outside in my car, and I prayed. I asked God to show me a sign if this was a business for me," says Sharp.

Daemarii's Unique Boutique sits along Ingleside Avenue, and Sharp says business has grown thanks to loyal customers. 

This year, COVID-19 unexpectedly closed the doors.

"My bills still had to be paid, so I had to figure out a way to let the customers know, I know it was a downtime for everyone, and everybody was scared, didn't know what to do and how to do it," she says.

So over a month ago, she started something new. Facebook Live fashion shows, with specific themes. 

"Did an all-white party, everything that I sold that night was all-white. Next, I did 'Meet me at the coffee shop,' so I set it all up, I had black items, tan items, and white, I had sugar, cream and coffee. So it went from there, then it started to be fun and exciting," says Sharp.

The themes from there have ranged from a girl's camping trip to a bike night. And Sharp says she's shipped her clothes to customers across the country because of it.

"We've had customers now tune in from Chicago, New York, Maryland, Florida, I'm sending packages all over, Alaska, it's exciting now just to see what we're gonna do next," she says.

Sharp says even once her boutique opens back up to full capacity, there will be virtual fashion shows every Friday night, as part of the brand.

"Try to change the mindset of what all is going on right now on a negative basis to a little bit of a positive, you know, make people smile," she says.

Sharp says this week's theme is "yacht party" and it comes on Facebook Live at 7 p.m.

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