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'We are crying out for help': Macon faith, youth leaders seek end to violence

They've met over the last few months to discuss ways to get young people on the right path and away from violent actions

MACON, Ga. — Several Macon pastors and youth leaders met Wednesday to speak about the damage done by gun violence in Bibb County.

The county currently sits at 49 homicides in 2020, and city leaders say something must change.

The group has met over the last few months to find ways to get young people on the right path and steer them away from violent actions.

Organizer Carl Myers says it's time to take back the community.

“We have to pay attention to what the real cause is. It could be the city crying out for help, so I stand here today to say we are crying out for help… that we need help from each other. Picture that as your daughter, your son, your mother, your brother. It'll hit you at home then,” said Myers.

Bibb Coroner Leon Jones also shared his experience dealing with the violence in the county.

“Y’all haven't seen a mother knock a hole in the wall at the Medical Center hollering, ‘My child!’ Y’all haven't seen a father walk up and down Pine Street hollering, ‘My son is gone.’ I have,” said Jones.


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