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Macon Film Festival adds new virtual headsets for viewing

"It's just a new field of art and very contemporary, very immersive, very experiential."

If you love the movies, you'll love the new additions to the Macon Film Festival. The festival's 13th year kicks off this week, and each year they add more ways to enjoy the shows.

One addition is virtual headsets. With the headsets, the film you're watching doesn't just stay in one spot, it moves all over the room.

"When you're looking through, you're looking through two different screens that display the same image and that's helping your eyes to see it in 3D," says Planetarium Assistant Michael Statham.

Statham added, "Instead of just watching it on the screen and being guided to look at whatever someone wants you to look at, you have that opportunity to turn around and see what's behind you."

The virtual headsets give you a completely different way to watch a film. Once you put them on, you're able to look around, move around, and feel as if you're almost inside of the film.

The Museum of Arts and Sciences calls it "immersive content." Alongside the headsets, the planetarium at the museum is screening films using the full dome.

"Anytime we can get the visitor in an immersive environment where they have a really rich deep multi-sensory experience, that's our goal," says Museum of Arts and Sciences Executive Director Susan Welch.

This technology is a part of the four days of screening at the museum, including 32 films shown on the dome from 13 different countries. Usually the dome is used for education, but now it brings a new way to show off art.

Welch says, "It's just a new field of art and very contemporary, very immersive, very experiential."

To make the virtual headset experience even better, the museum uses their gyroscope, a hands-free spinning axis to move around, and get different point of views. However, if you get motion-sick easily, it's probably not the best option.

The virtual headsets are limited so call in advance to the museum to reserve a spot.

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