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'This is our community' Macon Wonder Twinzz hosting girls camp

The Wonder Twinzz of Macon are reaching out to their community for donations and a helping hand.

MACON, Ga. — The Wonder Twinzz, a pair of sisters from Macon, say they want to share inspiration and empowerment with young women.

Next month, they are hosting a camp for young ladies ages 8-18.

The Twinzz, Latricia Gittens, and Felicia Kim want to help young women learn to work together and build on their self-esteem.

"This is our community," Latricia said. "We are pushing forward and trying to help these young girls... become very successful so they can reach back and pull somebody else."

The event will take place July 16th at the Redeeming Hope Center at 404 Church Street in Macon and is free of charge.

The Twinzz say if you would like to donate, you can reach them at:

wondertwinzz7@gmail.com and blackswanzzfoundation.com.


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