A Macon group is working to get more people to switch gears and spend more time downtown.

Studies in cities like New York found that people who bike to stores spend more money and stay there longer.

Bike Walk Macon says they are hoping to do the same by adding 12 new bike racks downtown.

Bobby Schorr says he hops on his bike and heads downtown at least twice a week.

“We'll lock our bikes up to whatever it is, a tree, a light post, a sign,” said Schorr.

But when he stops to go eat or shop, he says he's left with very few places to put his bike.

“It’s not the best looking thing in the world, nor the safest, so having a nice professionally installed bike rack is really helpful,” said Schorr.

He says he wanted to help when he heard that there could be 12 racks coming downtown.

“I had some relationships in place that allowed me to get some pretty steep discounts on some of the bike racks,” said Schorr.

The executive director of Bike Walk Macon, Rachel Hollar, says thanks to that discount, they were able to add two artistic racks on top of the 10 standard ones.

This is a picture of one the group is planning on putting in front of The Creek.

“[You'll] have a safe place to park your bike, but we're also adding some fun creativity and art to downtown Macon,” said Hollar.

The group is teaming up with businesses to offer incentives to people who bike there.

“If you go to Kudzu and get a meal, you'll get a free soft drink,” said Hollar.

She says that could increase business revenues and keep people downtown longer.

“This is going to give you an option to ride your bicycle and park right in front of that restaurant,” said Hollar.

Schorr says he also believes the program could help Macon grow.

“People stay and spend more money, that’s a great thing,” said Schorr.

Hollar says the final step is getting the county to approve placing the racks on sidewalks at Wednesday's commission meeting.

To find out more about the biker incentives, click this link.